Brother tries to kill sister, kills self in Edmonds parking lot

A family feud ended in gunfire in a busy Edmonds parking lot when a brother allegedly shot his sister then himself.

The shooting occurred just after 11:30 a.m. Saturday in the busy parking lot of Arnie's Restaurant on the Edmonds waterfront.

No one else was hurt and the woman is expected to survive.

According to police, she had arrived with her husband and her young son. They were supposed to join other family members for brunch at the restaurant, but they never made it inside.

"Yeah, having my lashes done and we heard two shots," said Heather. "And Ashley, who is the manager, she looked outside and saw that there was a man down."

It had been a few hours since the shooting. But Nevarez, a nurse at Swedish Hospital on Seattle's First Hill, had no trouble recalling the frantic minutes that came afterward.

"We heard someone injured in the car so we came downstairs and there was a woman who was shot in the back," said Nevarez. "She actually appeared to be doing OK. She was pretty calm considering and stable."

Moments later, Edmonds Police arrived.

Eyewitnesses say a family had come to Arnie's Restaurant to meet following another family member's death.  A 56-year-old Seattle man armed himself with a rifle and approached the vehicle carrying his sister, her husband and young son.

"There was a a very brief confrontation where shots were fired," said Edmonds Police Sgt. Josh McClure. "Initially, the victim was shot. And then, shortly thereafter, the suspect took his own life."

He says no one else was injured.

Nevarez says the woman was able to talk; said a book she was holding might have saved her life. She said it appeared the woman would survive.

"Yeah, yeah," she said. "I mean we just quickly assessed what we could. Her heart rate looked good. Her color actually looked pretty good. I don't think it was anything life-threatening from what I could gather."

This is the third fatal shooting in Edmonds in a month. But Edmonds police say the shootings are unrelated.

Now they are trying to figure out why whatever was going on in this family's life that it turned tragic.

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