Drivers file lawsuit over rideshare unionization

Drivers file lawsuit over rideshare unionization

SEATTLE — A dozen drivers for Uber and Lyft are suing the City of Seattle over an ordinance allowing rideshare drivers to unionize.

They want a temporary restraining order on that law.

The drivers in the lawsuit say allowing for-hire drivers to unionize is against federal labor rights laws and violates their rights to free association.

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The drivers claim the National Labor Rights Act, which allows workers to collectively bargain, does not extend that right to for-hire workers, and supersedes the Seattle ordinance.

They also say unions asking for drivers’ information violates the Drivers Privacy Protection Act.

The Seattle ordinance they're arguing against went into effect last January and was the first of its kind in the country allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to drive.

"It's freedom, it's the way of life these days if you want to be entrepreneur and own your own business. Be your own boss, manage your own life,” said driver Tianna Williamson.

The lawsuit by the dozen drivers is also being supported by the National Right to Work Foundation and the conservative think tank Freedom Foundation.

Drivers who say rideshare drivers should be allowed to unionize argue that the rideshare companies can be capricious in how much they get paid.