Driver of snow-covered car on SR 16 gets hefty ticket

KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. — It may be a cliché, but sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

That was the case in Kitsap County on Sunday afternoon, when someone called 911 to report a car that was driving erratically on State Route 16, according to WSP.

“The vehicle drove 5 additional miles prior to being stopped by a trooper,” WSP tweeted, along with a picture.

Once the car was pulled over, the driver said the windshield wipers weren’t working.

Much of the car was covered in snow, including most of its windshield. To see out, the driver had only cleared away a small portion of snow from the glass. The cleared area appeared to be barely big enough to see the road.

The driver received a $533 ticket for second-degree negligent driving.

Troopers said drivers should remove all snow from their vehicles before hitting the road. Not only can it cause visibility issues for the driver with the snow on their vehicle, but large clumps can fly off onto other vehicles, especially when making sudden stops.