• Driver rams into Bremerton police headquarters

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Even for seasoned police officers, this was one for the books. A man, trying to run from police, driving through a gate and right into the parking lot of department headquarters.

    “Well, you know, I’ve seen a lot of things, but this gets up there on the list of, now I’ve seen it all,” said Bremerton police captain Tom Wolfe.

    It all started when an officer spotted 24-year-old Bradley Farley sleeping in a stolen car around 6:30 a.m. Thursday in an alley just outside the Bremerton police headquarters.

    When police approached him, Farley turned on the car, hit the gas and drove through a gate and right into the department's parking lot, according to investigators.  He then made a sharp right, speeding toward a second locked, gate and kept on going.


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    “Then plowed his way out of this gate and on down the street, where he struck another citizen’s car, ended up crashing, got out and ran,” Wolfe said.

    Farley was quickly captured.

    Police impounded the vehicle, which was stolen from Olympia. It was covered with scratches and dents and missing a few parts after the crashes.

    Inside, investigators found license plates stolen from an unmarked Washington State Patrol car parked at their office a few miles away. Police said Farley told them he planned on returning those plates  once he discovered they belonged to state troopers.

    He was booked into jail and is facing a long list of charges including several hit and runs, resisting arrest, motor vehicle theft and DUI.

    Despite all the crashes, no one was hurt.



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