• Drive-by shooting suspect arrested by Lynnwood police

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    LYNNWOOD, Wash. - A 20-year-old man was arrested by detectives with the Lynnwood Police Department after a drive-by shooting Wednesday, police said.  

    The Lynnwood Police Department said officers responded to a shooting in the 20400 block of Highway 99 around 6 a.m. 

    Police said upon arrival, they contacted a man who said another vehicle started flashing its lights at him and driving recklessly as he was traveling south on Highway 99 in his Mini Cooper. 

    “In the area of 188th St SW and Hwy 99 in Lynnwood the two cars ended up side by side and the driver of the suspect vehicle kept looking over at the victim,” Lynnwood police said in a news release

    Police said the vehicles again ended up side by side around 240th Street and Highway 99 in Lynnwood. 

    The driver started to be verbally aggressive and the victim saw the barrel of a rifle being pointed at him, according to police. 

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    “The vehicles started forward and the victim said that he saw the barrel of the rifle still pointed out the window and then saw a flash and heard a gunshot. The victim said his car started to sputter and he realized that the other driver had shot at him and struck his car,” Lynnwood Police said. 

    Officers were able to confirm that the Mini Cooper had an “apparent” bullet hole near the front passenger headlight. 

    A witness realized he caught the incident on a dashcam in his car and gave police the video.

    Detectives were able to partially see the license plate in the video and found a 2005 Honda Accord that matched the shooter's vehicle.

    Police said the subject associated with the shooter's vehicle matched the description provided to them and had active warrants out for his arrest.  

    According to police, the victim positively identified the shooter in a photo lineup as the driver who had shot at his vehicle. 

    Detectives located the shooter's vehicle to initiate surveillance. Police said eventually, a 20-year-old man came back to the vehicle and was arrested. 

    Detectives said they saw a rifle in plain view on the suspect’s floorboard, but he denied any involvement in the incident. 

    Police said the suspect was booked at the Snohomish County Jail on suspicion of assault in the first degree, drive-by shooting, malicious mischief in the first degree and on a warrant for driving with a suspended license in the first degree. 

    Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Detective Arnett at 425-670-5669. 

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