Dozens of Pride flags removed, stolen from publicly owned light poles in Burien

BURIEN, Wash. — Burien police are investigating after dozens of Pride flags that were installed in the downtown area were removed and stolen.

City officials said 38 of 40 were removed from several publicly owned light poles on Tuesday.

The flags were installed by Discover Burien in support of Pride Month.

“The City of Burien supports the values that Pride represents: equality, fairness, visibility and empowerment for LGTBQ+ people,” the city said. “The City’s leadership sanctioned the installation of the flags on publicly owned light poles as they have done for several years. In past years, the Burien City Council has issued proclamations supporting Pride as well as proclamations denouncing hate speech. The outpouring of support that Discover Burien has received to replace the flags is proof that Burien is a welcoming place for all.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 206-296-3311.