Dozens of Edmonds residents narrowly avoid danger in U-Haul truck explosion

EDMONDS, Wash. — Investigators believe a propane leak caused the massive explosion of a U-Haul truck in an Edmonds neighborhood.

The blast happened Tuesday in the parking lot of the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Witnesses said the explosion was so intense that it caused the locks to jam at a nearby apartment complex.  As a result, many residents were trapped inside their apartments during the escalating danger.

“I booked it to our back porch because you don’t know what will happen,” said Kylie Hollenback, one of the neighbors who was trapped inside their homes.

According to Edmonds Police, the entire explosion appeared to be a freak accident.

That’s because the renter of the U-Haul truck was simply helping a family member move when the blast happened.

Investigators believe it was caused by a propane leak in the back of the moving van.

Police added that it was incredible nobody was hurt.

They told KIRO 7 the same truck, packed with propane, had been on a ferry only a day before the blast.

“That nobody got hurt, it is the best-case scenario for something like this,” Hollenback said.

The blast happened just two blocks away from the Edmonds Police station.

Instead of getting in their patrol cars, some officers simply darted to the scene on foot.

“Some of our detectives started running door to door making sure everybody was okay,” said Sgt. Josh McClure, Edmonds Police.

Authorities added the driver of the truck was cooperative.