DoD: Too early to talk deployments from JBLM

VIDEO: Rising tensions in Iran hit close to home

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCORD, Wash. — Joint Base Lewis-McChord referred KIRO 7 to the Department of Defense Tuesday when asked about possible deployments following Iran’s retaliatory missile attacks -- A DoD spokesperson said it’s too early to discuss publicly the local impacts as officials are still assessing damage overseas from the latest strike in the escalating conflict.

At Galloping Gerties Grill, a hangout that’s been popular with soldiers at nearby JBLM for decades, some people expressed concern Tuesday night about the prospect of deployment and war.

“Of course we’re worried for all of our friends that come in here,” said Galloping Gerties Grill owner Travis Stoddard. “My son and daughter are both in the reserves and we talked to them today and we know that they’re possibly ready to go, and I haven’t heard anybody else yet but I know that it’s on everybody’s minds."

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JBLM’s 7th Infantry Division shared a video on Twitter Monday that said in part: “Readiness determines our ability to fight and win our nation’s wars.”

“I don’t like war, so I was concerned for some friends that we have that are in the military,” said Dorothy O’Neill. “I have faith in them and all we can do is hope for the best.”

Tuesday’s retaliatory attack by Iran comes after a wave of demonstrations across America over the weekend of people who oppose going to war with Iran. KIRO 7 covered Seattle’s anti-war protest where organizers estimated several hundred people marched in the streets, critical of President Trump ordering the drone strike that killed Iran’s top security commander.

"Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, we're all Americans – we have to stay with our president,” said King County GOP Finance Committee Chairman Hossein Khorram. “I do see some Iranians welcoming a confrontation with Iran, I am not one of those.”

Another wave of anti-war demonstrations were planned for later this week.

“We need everyone in the streets,” tweeted Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. “Trump has put us in this position with his military brinksmanship.”