Disturbed intruder shot by Kitsap County homeowner

KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. — A 28-year-old man who police said appeared to be delusional was shot by a homeowner in the Southworth area of South Kitsap early Thursday.

The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office was called to the home at about 2 a.m. on Thursday.

The homeowner said he armed himself and went downstairs to investigate after he heard yelling and loud banging on his living and dining room windows. His family was home at the time of the incident.

The homeowner said he yelled at the person outside but received no answer. When he opened the front door, the suspect rounded the corner of the house and charged at the homeowner, pushing him backwards, according to officers.

That’s when the homeowner fired one shot at the suspect, but the man kept advancing and yelled, "Let me into your house!” according to deputies.

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Police said the man continued to try to force his way into the house until he collapsed outside the front door.

The homeowner checked the man for injuries and tried to keep him calm until deputies and medics arrived.

When deputies arrived, they found the wounded man huddled outside the front door. Deputies said the man "was completely drenched with his arms and face covered in scratches. He was frantically looking around and shaking,” and appeared to be delusional.

Officers are continuing to investigate.