Despite planned rollback of COVID-19 restrictions, many employees to keep working from home

Despite the planned rollback of COVID-19 mandates, many businesses will allow their employees to keep working from home.

On Thursday, Gov. Jay Inslee announced the state’s indoor mask requirement would be lifted on Mar. 21.

King County will end its vaccine verification policy on Mar. 1.

While Microsoft and Expedia have announced plans to bring employees back into buildings, other companies, such as Amazon and Zillow, are going with more flexible policies.

Employees at Zillow told KIRO 7 that part of that decision was due to a survey of U.S. workers. It said 25% of employees would switch jobs if they were told to return to the office.

An internal survey showed about 60% of Zillow’s employees anticipate wanting to work from their offices once a month or less.

A spokesperson for the company said nearly all Zillow employees work remotely at least part time.