KIRO 7 SWAT takedown video called 'textbook' for non-lethal use of force

VIDEO: Deputies train to take armed suspects alive

When a violent armed suspect tried to stab King County deputies in a White Center Subway restaurant on Feb. 4, it began a standoff with SWAT officers that lasted several hours.

But a KIRO 7 News video showing the six-second SWAT takedown of the suspect was called a “textbook“ example of how to properly use nonlethal force, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

“That guy was trying to hurt somebody, “said Sgt. Ryan Abbott, who asked KIRO 7 for permission to use the video for department training.

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“We deployed Tasers, and he was tased several times, but it had little effect,” he said.

Abbott said King County deputies are now trained to use less lethal tools such as shotguns that fire beanbags and rubber bullets.

“When you talk about doing everything right, to take down an armed suspect, this is it, “he said.

Albert said 29-year-old Walter C. Montoya was finally brought down with several 40-millimeter rubber bullets, as Montoya is seen swinging a sharp metal rod at deputies.

“One of those rounds also had pepper gas,” Abbott said.

“The goal is to do everything you can to avoid using lethal force, “Abbott said, adding “Deputies train for this all the time, at least once a week.”

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