Deputies searching for person who shot, injured puppy

VIDEO: Husky shot twice in Renton

RENTON, Wash. — King County deputies are searching for whoever shot a puppy in its rear Tuesday morning in Renton.

The owner said her two eight-month-old huskies escaped her fenced yard, and when she learned of their disappearance, she went looking for them.

The owner found her dogs an hour later in the care of a neighbor who says they heard two gunshots and then saw the dogs run out of a wooded area, where one collapsed on 154th Place Southeast.

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“It went through his legs, out his stomach,” the owner Josie said.

The dogs are the “sweetest” and are not “aggressive by any means,” Josie said. “They would have come if called or ran if yelled at.”

It was frightening for Josie, knowing her puppy was almost shot to death and just down the street from where she lives.

Josie said, “One minute from my house, my dog gets shot. This is the very first time they’ve ever gotten outside.”

Louie and his sister, Ruby, roamed the Renton neighborhood after escaping home and Josie was frantic, looking for her fur babies and thought she’d be ecstatic to see them again, but then she saw what happened.

“I was so shook up. I couldn’t breathe. My heart stopped. I only saw Louie, and he was laying in so much blood,” Josie said.

Deputies said one of the dogs was shot twice in the butt and it appears he was targeted while running away.

“It was traumatizing, honestly. I mean he’s just a puppy. He doesn’t know,” Josie said.

“Uh oh. This is probably more than just scaring off a dog,” witness Tina Harris said.

Harris was one of several people who pulled over to help while the other husky, Ruby, ran under her vehicle.

“I just wanted to make sure the dog was OK and to keep it off the road,” Harris says.

King County officials said it’s rare to hear about pets being shot. It doesn’t make any sense to Josie. “These are my babies. These are like my children.”

“That’s the first response is to grab your gun and shoot?” Josie said.

She’s grateful her dogs are going to be OK but wants answers and accountability. “That just makes you a sick person. I want to know why and I want to know who did it.”

Louie was found off the side of a very busy road and investigators are focusing in the area where the sounds of gunshots were heard.