Delta announces plans to go carbon-neutral

Delta announces plans to go carbon-neutral

Delta is taking aim at being the first airline to go carbon-neutral.

Early Friday morning, the company announced online that they’re planning a $1 billion investment over the next decade to cut emissions. The work begins March, 2020.

Details of how the money will be spent were not made available immediately, however, the initial information released notes goals will include cutting use of jet fuel, increasing flight efficiencies and carbon removal technology.

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The airline industry has come under fire from climate activists. Some experts have even made a specific effort to cut back on the amount of flights they take. Globally, the airline industry accounts for roughly 2 percent of the world’s carbon footprint; that number is expected to increase, too.

Delta isn’t the only company that’s released plans to go carbon-neutral. In Seattle alone, several large companies, including Amazon, have announced they’re making plans to go carbon-neutral. Microsoft even announced a plan to go carbon-negative, meaning they’ll remove the carbon they’ve already accounted for in the past.

As for Delta, the company says their focus will be on both its flights and the business on the ground.

“When customers choose to fly Delta, they should feel they’re making a statement about taking care of our planet,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO. “Our commitment to carbon neutrality means flying with Delta represents far more than a great travel experience -- it’s about joining arms to create a better world.”