Decapitated cat head found on fence post in Olympia


LACEY, Wash. — Jackie Jackson is keeping her cat, Bear, extra close after someone stuck a dead cat’s head in the fence across the street from her home.

“They’re pretty twisted, pretty twisted and then I think the next stop is people. I don’t think people like that stop with animals. Scary. Scary world,” Jackson said.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said a little girl spotted the cat’s head July 7 propped up on a fence post that surrounds a retention pond on Milbanke Drive in Olympia.

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Detectives haven’t found the rest of the cat’s body, so it’s tough to figure out how it died. They said it could’ve been killed by a car, an animal or a person. Someone could have then taken the cat’s head and stuck it in the fence post to display it.

There was a missing cat poster found near the cat’s head. It’s unknown if the cat on the poster is the same cat, but deputies said it’s possible because both are black cats.

“I’m hoping it’s not the copycat, I do know that much. Myself and some of my other neighbors are remaining vigilant,” said Tim Stocker, who lives across the street from where the cat head was found.

Stocker has been on edge since cats started being killed last year.

“It’s pathetic, this dude needs to be put away, he needs to go down, we need to get rid of him,” he said. “I only fear that it’s going to progress from animals to other prey. I’m hoping we can get rid of him and we can just be done with it.”

Because of the way this cat was found, the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t believe it’s connected to the 13 cats killed in 2018. Those deaths are still under investigation.

The cat’s head was handed over to animal services for further investigation.

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