• Cyclists attacked with glass bottle in Marysville

    By: Ranji Sinha


    A pair of cyclists took to social media to say they were attacked with a glass bottle in the North Sound.  

    Police responded after the couple reported a bottle was hurled at them on Armar Road near Jennings Park. Marysville police said they responded at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    According to the victims, they had barely gone half a block on Armar Road in the bike lane when a car drove by and hurled a glass bottle at them. The bottle hit one of the riders in the leg and shattered.

    Christina Oumet lives in a house near the park. “I think it's really tragic that someone (who is) simply riding down the road on a bicycle would have to endure that,” she said. Oumet said she cleaned up the broken glass to protect her dog and children in the neighborhood.

    One of the victims asked not to be identified. “It was a nice night. We were out in the bike lane minding our own business. It's kind of scary.”

    She said someone in a black car threw the bottle at her husband at high speed. “It just really caught us off-guard, what just happened, you know. I just pulled over just to see if he was bleeding (and) at the same time I'm trying to catch a glimpse of who these people are that did that.”

    She posted a story about the incident online and soon learned there are more victims.

    Each had been attacked in a similar manner -- people in cars throwing things at them, including glass.

    Some described a black car. Others called this latest incident an assault and said it's been an issue for some time. Oumet wasn’t surprised by the reaction online. “I've had people throw things at me on this road myself. someone around here thinks it's funny,” Oumet said.

    While the victim isn't sure what to do differently, “it's not going to stop me from going on bike rides or walks.”

    Oumet said there's not much the police can do. “If it's harassing the neighborhood, then the police need to do something about that,” Oumet said.


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