Curbside glass recycling pickup at Tacoma homes, duplexes to end Monday

Curbside glass recycling pickup at Tacoma homes, duplexes to end Monday

TACOMA, Wash. — Starting Monday, curbside glass recycling pickup will end in Tacoma.

Collection will end for homes and duplexes but there will be drop-off sites.

One reason for the change is that right now it is more expensive to recycle glass than sending it to the landfill, according to Preston Peck, who helps manage Tacoma’s recycling program and explained to MyNorthwest.

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“We have estimated that this is going to save about a half a million dollars a year,” he told KIRO Radio.

According to data Tacoma gathered, just a quarter of the recycling customers set out glass for pickup. That’s led to what Peck deems an “inefficient” and sometimes dangerous program, which has seen frequent injuries to workers.

Another reason for the change is that it requires three to four trucks to collect glass, which the city said increases the carbon footprint of the recycling system.

Officials said although collection sites require residents to bring the glass to a location, it will still reduce the environmental impact as customers coordinate their trips to a drop-off site.

Those who have a glass collection bin are welcome to keep the bin and are reminded not to put glass in the mixed recycling bin.

Officials said there will be several drop-off sites throughout the city. Click here to find a site near you.

Glass pickup for apartments, condos and commercial buildings will still be made available. There is an added charge that was put into effect Jan. 2020.