COVID-19 changes Labor Day campaign kickoffs

VIDEO: COVID-19 changes Labor Day campaign kickoffs

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there aren’t a lot of Labor Day political rallies this year, and the Libertarian Party political rally we found began with a warning.

“With COVID-19 being a constant concern this election cycle, we must keep the safety of (Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Spike Cohen) and his crew at the forefront,” the emcee announced to the rally crowd in Olympia.

While precautions were announced, as might be expected of Libertarians, masks were optional. But the party has made some campaign changes because of the virus.

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“There’s certainly limitations. I mean, for example, we’re having to do all of our events outside because it’s not responsible to have hundreds of people try to do events on a regular basis inside,” said Cohen.

In past years, labor unions have held big picnics that were key stops for political candidates. But Republican strategist Alex Hays said there are differences between the parties, “Republican voters, less concerned about social distancing; Democratic voters, very concerned about social distancing.”

Still, he said not to expect President Donald Trump to visit Democratic stronghold Washington as he did twice in the 2016 campaign.

“He shouldn’t have come here four years ago. But he just sort of decided that he liked us,” he said.

Joe Biden, Hays believes, just might come to Washington state because it’s such a big source of money for Democrats.

“My guess is you’ll probably see the Democrats back here to raise money. Could be wrong,” he said.

Libertarians see a chance to make stronger connections with voters.

“While our opponents are hiding in their bunkers and basements trying to get away from the wrath of the American people as they’re out in the streets protesting the foreseeable outcomes of the bad ‘Republicrat’ policies, we are out in the streets talking with the people like we are here today in Olympia,” Cohen said.