Council wants attack on Muslim Lyft driver investigated as hate crime

EVERETT, Wash. — The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants a recent attack on a Muslim Lyft driver in Everett investigated as a hate crime.

The council sent a letter to the FBI Tuesday.

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Last month, Abdelwahab Kassa said he was beaten by a customer while driving on I-5 near Everett.

The attack caused a collision with another car.

Kassa says he was assaulted because of his background.

“From the time I pick him up from the time he's going to hit me, the 'F' word is (used) all the time.  He laugh, ‘F where you come from, F you, you want to call the police,’" said Kassa. "Suddenly he slapped me in my face (and) everything become dark to me."

Photos show his injuries and blood all over his car.

Kassa says he hasn't driven since the attack.

The Snohomish County prosecutor's office says the suspect has not been charged.