Council denounces I-976 despite Eyman blast

VIDEO: Clash over $30 car tabs at Seattle City Council

Bus service is one of the reasons that Seattle City Council members are urging the public to vote against Initiative 976.

"As a disabled person buses are really important to me and I need them to get around," said Elliot Fillius at the 3rd and University Street bus stop.

Initiative 976 would drop the price of car tabs to $30. And it would require Sound Transit to use the Kelly Blue Book value for motor vehicle excise taxes, instead of the higher values included in the transit measures passed by voters.

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And would eliminate the additional $80 car tab fee that Seattle car owners pay to increase bus service.

That's why opponents say I-976 would cut 50% of the bus transit hours paid for by the Seattle Transit Benefit District.

"Seattle could lose up to 175,000 hours of bus service in 2020," said Councilwoman Lisa Herbold.

Overall, governments will lose $4 billion for roads and transit according to a state estimate.

This is the third time Tim Eyman has brought a $30 car tab measure to voters, earlier versions passed but ran into legal troubles.

Today, he blasted the City Council for considering a resolution against I-976.

"Voters do not like politicians telling them how they should vote," Eyman said.

But the state attorney general is suing Eyman over alleged deceptive campaign finance practices.

So, in their commercials, 976 opponents are sure to mention Eyman's name.

"That's why I oppose Tim Eyman's Initiative 976," the commercials include.

Asked why voters should trust him, Eyman responded, "Well I think voters should trust themselves and look at the bills that they're getting for their car tabs which are dishonest."