Contractor robs King County woman

A local woman who hired a man to replace her floors, ended up getting harassed and robbed.

KING COUNTY, Wash. — A local woman says a man she hired to replace her floors ended up robbing and harassing her.

Detectives said the man is targeting King County residents through Craigslist.

Pam Williams wanted to replace her floors, so she turned to a popular website to hire someone for the job.

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“I guess I’m a little bit too trusting,” Williams said. “He said, ‘I’m reasonable. I’m very responsible.’ He said he was from Houston, and that’s what drew me to him.”

Williams is also from Houston. She said she asked for identification when the worker came to her Skyway home last week and everything seemed to check out.

While she and her sister ran an errand, the man was left at her home to complete the work.

“But my gut feeling told me, you need to stay around the house. I didn’t,” Williams said.

Fifteen minutes later: “I come back, it’s gone. He’s gone. Everything’s gone.”

Williams said she was devastated. Her TV, brand-new heating unit, surveillance system and keys were all gone. She said he even tampered with her medication.

“I really don’t have much for anybody to take like that, and to mess with my medicine and do what he did, it’s like, what was he trying to do?”

Williams confronted the man but couldn’t believe his response.

She received a phone message that said: “Lay in the bed that you made ... bye-bye!”

Williams played several bizarre messages for KIRO 7 that the man had left her, where he even calls her the devil.

“The one part that you don’t know is that I made a police report too,” a message said.

“It’s been scary, that’s why I have the dog in the back,” Williams said.

Williams told KIRO 7 the voicemails alone have given her chills, and she’s just glad she didn’t pay any money to the man. However, detectives think the man will be back on Craigslist soon.

“I wouldn’t not advise nobody to get on Craigslist. It’s dangerous. Its really dangerous,” Williams said.

“I don’t have trust in people no more. I don’t. It’s like, if I need the work done, I’m just not going to do it.”

KIRO 7 called the worker and despite the voicemails, he said he never met Williams.