Community members rally to save Edmonds 4th of July Festival

EDMONDS — Thanks to an incredible show of support, Edmonds 4th of July event has been saved at the last minute.

A few days ago, the town’s 4th of July parade seemed impossible to achieve because of a lack of volunteers.

“We were sitting at 15 entries for a parade that’s normally closer to 100,” noted Greg Urban, President & CEO of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

City leaders soon appealed to the community for help, and an explosion of interest soon followed.

In just days, the number of participants has tripled.

“We’re finding a lot of people that are coming, are from other communities that had (their 4th of July events) canceled, and they still wanted to do it,” said Urban.

In the process, business owners like Shuburt Ho are getting their drink on.

Ho has now set up three different lemonade stands around Edmonds. All the money is being donated to make the town’s 4th of July festivities a reality.

“It just brings everyone together, and that’s what Edmonds is all about,” Ho told KIRO 7.

During COVID-19, Ho helped raised $2,500 to prop up Edmonds Chamber of Commerce. This time around, he said he expects to raise even more money.

“Why not do it again and at least raise money so that they can employ their volunteers, employ their staff?” he said.

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce will be accepting parade applications through Friday evening, June 25.

If you want to join in on the fun, click here.