• Community center, homes hit by bullets after more than 50 gunshots fired

    By: Michael Spears


    Police said they’re investigating after more than 50 gunshots were fired outside Van Asselt Community Center in south Seattle Saturday evening, damaging glass at the entrance of the community center and hitting at least three nearby homes with people inside.

    Police said no one was hurt. No arrests have been made.

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    KIRO 7 counted more than 50 evidence markers surrounding the community center, which was closed at the time, including the parking lot, near a playground and along a nearby pathway.

    Kids were spotted playing in the area when a KIRO 7 crew showed up.

    A community center staff member said there were two employees inside the community center when it was hit by gunfire. Both are OK.

    It appears police ran out of evidence markers as business cards were used to mark some of the scattered shell casings.

    The shooting was reported around 6:30 p.m. near South Myrtle Street, just across the street from the Seattle Police Department’s South Precinct. Police said there appeared to have been a shootout and gang unit officers responded.

    “I hear some gunshots over and then it just came through my room,” said one man, who told KIRO 7 he was playing video games in his room when a bullet came through his bedroom window. “I didn’t expect it.”

    The community center was scheduled to host a 7 p.m. event. One of the people who showed up to attend that event said it was cancelled because of the shooting.

    “If it was an hour an half ago; we coming, we opened the doors, we’re having the meeting – and then people shooting,” said Saed Raigal. “Could be [inaudible] us, could get hurt too.”

    Contact Seattle police with information related to the shooting.

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