Clyde Hill police seize teens' phones after alleged rape of underage girl

What happened at a large underage drinking party in a Yarrow Point home on April 1 is now the subject of an extensive investigation by Clyde Hill police of an alleged rape of a child.

Police were alerted to possible rape of a 14-year-old girl by two teenage boys at the party after cell phone photos of the assault were reportedly seen and shared days afterward.

In court documents, Clyde Hill police say that night, they saw "150 to 200 juveniles in the process of leaving the party, and they noted, 'Most were at the point of being intoxicated.'"

But the 14-year-old girl -- who is in the eighth grade -- told police she became very intoxicated and slept in the house, and when she woke up, "she saw blood on her shoes," according to court documents. The girl indicated to police that she felt abdominal pain but had no memory of an assault.

The girl was advised by friends that she may have been raped when two 17-year-old boys allegedly assaulted her in a bathroom. Witnesses may have taken pictures of the act, they said.

Court documents indicate someone had "Snapchatted photos of the scene," and may have shown the victim

"naked and bloody."

According to investigators, cell phones were confiscated from four teenage boys. Two 17-year-old rape suspects are students at Bellevue High School. Two 16-year-olds are suspected of taking or having photos of the incident on their phones.

The search warrant documents indicate “the photographs were sent to a few people."