Classes canceled at TCC for 4-day power disruption

Classes canceled at TCC for 4-day power disruption

TACOMA, Wash. — Crews are working to track down exactly why Tacoma Community College has experienced a power outage that canceled classes for at least four days.

According to a school spokeswoman, “About 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, TCC experienced a fault in one of the 12,500-volt feeder circuits on the campus.” Power was lost in four buildings, including one housing servers for internet, Wi-fi, and phones. After repair work was done, it was thought the problem was solved. On Monday things just got worse.

“On Monday afternoon, powered everything back up. We were prepared to open on Tuesday, and that even power went down again, this time to our entire campus,” said TCC’s director of marketing and communications Tamyra Howser.

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The shutdown comes at a bad time for students like Jessica Nemecio, who came by to see if the campus had reopened and “It kind of sets us back for our midterm schedule,” said Nemecio. “Everything was set for this week, and now we kind of have to cram it.”

While Tacoma remained in the dark, the Gig Harbor satellite campus was able to reopen and online classes are continuing. “We have a lot of online resources for our students to work on, and our faculty is working with them to continue their studies,” said Howser.

Howser said TCC could reopen Friday, but until the problem is solved, the school is taking it day by day.