City of Carnation's Christmas lights vandalized again

Someone keeps destroying Carnation's Holiday lights -- and it's happening so much, the city can't replace them.

CARNATION, Washington — The city of Carnation had its Christmas lights vandalized for a third time in two years, according to city officials. This time, city officials won't be able to replace the lights.

Parts of the wires were deliberately cut off in a way that would make the vandalism tough to detect, said city manager Amy Arrington.

"There were chunks of lights about six inches long all throughout the ground," Arrington said. "Somebody spliced it, cut all the wires and made it inoperable. We can't even repair them."

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The lights at Tolt Commons were set up as part of the annual Christmas in Carnation celebration, set to happen on December 7.

Now the celebration may be happening in the dark.

The city's Christmas lights were vandalized the same way twice last year, according to Arrington. The city paid to replace the lights both times but decided against it when the crime happened again.

"Council really wants to do something, but they just feel it's too much of a risk and a drain on resources," says Arrington, "What if it happens again?"

People in the community are fundraising to purchase new lights. On Sunday, the city and local businesses will host an event at Tolt Commons to help tear down the damaged lights.

City officials believe the same person is behind the repeated vandalism. Anyone with information is asked to call the King County Sheriff's Office.

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