City of Issaquah considers installing red light cameras

The Issaquah City Council will vote on Nov. 7 on whether or not to authorize a red light camera study.

American Traffic Solutions would then start a free feasibility study. Issaquah is currently using American Traffic Solutions to operate a school zone camera on Second Avenue near three Issaquah schools.

There are six intersections the city says have the most accidents triggered by red light infractions, those are the intersections that will be studied if the plan moves forward.

  • State Route 900 at Newport Way NW

  • State Route 900 at NW Maple Street 

  • Newport Way NW at West Sunset Way

  • SE Issaquah Fall City Road at SE Black Nugget Road

  • Highlands Drive NE at NE Park Drive

  • Highlands Drive NE at NE High Street

The study will look at whether or not a red light camera is possible with the way the intersection is set up and will offer a traffic flow study.

The Safety and Service committee is recommending the City Council go forward with the agenda item to study the cameras.

The Issaquah Police Department says if there is a study, it would take another vote by the City Council to decide whether or not to implement the red light cameras.