City and artists to recreate, preserve Capitol Hill Black Lives Matter street mural

SEATTLE — Seattle will be working with artists to recreate and preserve the Black Lives Matter mural that was painted on a Capitol Hill street during this summer’s protests.

The mural is on Pine Street between 10th and 11th avenues, which was part of the CHOP or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, where vehicle access was limited before it was dismantled.

After meetings between the city’s Office of Arts & Culture, the Department of Transportation and the 15 artists from VividMatterCollective who created the mural in June, all agreed to a removal, recreation and preservation plan that will start Tuesday.

City officials said the mural has been rapidly deteriorating because the paint was applied to an unscored surface covered in slippery aggregate.

It was also covered with a sealant that was applied without the artists' permission. It ended up damaging the artwork, which is now starting to separate from the road in some areas.

The effort will start immediately to avoid bad weather. Both rain and cold pavement prevent paint from properly curing, and it’s possible the work will have to be delayed until sometime next year.

“The careful effort by all parties to identify a comprehensive plan to recreate a longer-lasting Black Lives Matter mural in its original location is an acknowledgement of the cultural significance of the site in the Black Lives Matter movement,” the city said in a news release.