• Church asks for help after someone steals its box truck, equipment

    By: Deedee Sun


    SEATTLE - A brand-new Seattle church is asking for your help after someone stole its box truck containing everything the it owned – a haul valued at $30,000 to $40,000.

    The church, called SEA Church, just launched 13 weeks ago and holds services on Sundays at the Montlake Community Center. 

    The box truck was parked in the 1400 block of Madrona Drive where a church volunteer lives.

    According to the pastor, Aaron Young, people in the neighborhood said they noticed it was gone Thursday or Friday. 

    They noticed it was gone when someone came Sunday morning to drive it the community center to set up for service. 

    The truck is a white Ford box truck.

    The truck's only distinctive feature is four thin blue stripes on each side. Its plates are: C78159L.

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    Young said the truck was filled with sound equipment, TVs, and items to set up a nursery, among other items. 

    Young said the church was in the middle of switching insurance policies and the items might’ve not been insured. 

    The church is hoping whoever took the truck will realize what was stolen belongs to a church, and return the truck and items. 

    “Whoever did this must be going through a hard time. I hope things get better for them and they find a better place,” Young said. 

    He says everything was purchased with money from donations and fundraising.

    SEA church has started a fundraiser in their effort to replace their box truck and equipment. Click here for more information.

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