UW Shooting suspect contradicts herself in recorded statement

The couple charged with assault in connection with the January 20th shooting at the University of Washington did a re-creation of the shooting for police and prosecutors.

The shooting happened on Inauguration Day in Red Square outside the Milo Yiannopoulos event.


- Shooting happened at 8:26 p.m. Jan. 20 in Red Square at the UW campus

- Hundreds protested Milo Yiannopoulos and the inauguration of President Donald Trump

- Yiannopoulos supporters disagreed with protesters

- Marc Hokoana was originally described as the suspect

- He and his wife went to UW police saying the shooting was in self-defense

KIRO 7 obtained 15 evidence DVDs from the King County Prosecutor's Office on Monday. The DVDs contained suspect statements, a victim interview and many videos and photographs from the shooting.

Elizabeth Hokoana is charged with assault in the first degree for shooting Josh Dukes. Marc Hokoana is charged with assault in the third degree for using pepper spray on protesters.

The couple claims the shooting was self defense. In the DVD evidence was a re-creation of the shooting. Marc and Elizabeth Hokoana showed where they were at the time of the struggle and shooting.

During Elizabeth Hokoana's recorded interview she was inconsistent. According to the recording, she told investigators she didn't remember firing her gun. In the same interview she told detectives when she saw the knife in Dukes' hand she had to fire her gun to protect her husband. She also claimed she didn't know she had fired her gun until she got home and saw there was a spent casing stuck inside.

UW investigators say there is no evidence that Dukes had or displayed a knife. Elizabeth Hokoana also admitted to investigators that Dukes had not threatened her or her husband.

Included in the DVDs was the hospital interview with Josh Dukes. Dukes told police he didn't know who shot him. He also showed reluctance to help police pursue criminal prosecution of the shooter. He told police there are enough people in prison and he would rather see restorative justice.

"I would like to see the society be more safe. I would like to see people, you know, be less afraid and I would like to deescalate violence," said Dukes in his interview with police.

The next court hearing for the Hokoanas on July 12th.