Chance for isolated wet snow Tuesday; dry on Thanksgiving

Chance for isolated wet snow Tuesday; dry on Thanksgiving

SEATTLE — There's a chance for some isolated wet snow showers to a rain-snow mix in the lowlands Tuesday morning.

We still have some lingering showers over parts of western Washington, and will for the remainder of the day. We will also see more light snow showers in the mountains, but the most consistent snow is over.  We'll finish out the day with mostly light precipitation, sun breaks and highs in the mid-40s.

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Where it could snow

Monday night and Tuesday there won't be much moisture left, however, a few light showers could fall.

Overall, the snow level will be around  500 to 1,000 feet; however, in heavier showers the snow level can briefly come down.  In the heavier showers, the snow level will range anywhere from the surface to about 1,000 feet.

Here's  the thing ... I don't really see much in the way of heavier showers, for that matter I barely see any showers.  More than likely we'll just see some a few showers with some wet snowflakes mixed in closer to 1,000 feet and if the convergence zone happens to produce slightly heavier precipitation.

To say exactly where is tough because any showers we'd see outside the convergence zone would be spotty. The zone itself looks like it will set up around Island County north to Skagit county.  There could be some brief grassy accumulations of less than an inch below 1,000', but would be very isolated.  Your best bet for snow is at 1,000' or higher east of Puget sound in the foothills, IF THERE IS ANY MOISTURE.  Really, I just see a few snowflakes mixed in with the already super spotty light precipitation.

From there we'll dry out and after some morning clouds on Wednesday, we'll be dry and cool.  It looks very windy in Whatcom County on Wednesday, which will probably warrant a wind advisory with increasing sunshine everywhere else.

Thanksgiving day looks sunny and cool!

It looks sunny and cool in the upper-30s and lower-40s all way through Saturday.  Sunday we may see a few more clouds and possibly a few showers later Sunday or into early on Monday. ​

See Nick's forecast below.