• Central District school damaged in drive-by shooting

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - Gunfire  between two vehicles hit Nova High School Tuesday. There were no injuries but students at Nova and Garfield high schools and Leschi Elementary School were ordered to shelter in place.

    Chopper 7 shows the bullet hole from outside Nova High School.

    Photographs emailed to KIRO 7 show the same hole from inside the school, including shattered glass on the floor.

    >> Photos: High School's window shot out during drive-by shooting 

    Seattle police say eyewitnesses saw the occupants of two sedans firing shots at each other.

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    By the time officers arrived, the vehicles had fled.

    "All of a sudden there was a guy standing there at the bus stop," said Shiba Swain, an eyewitness. "They were in a gray Cadillac."

    Swain was working out at the Garfield Community Center at 23rd and Cherry Street.

    "The next thing I know, they made a U-turn and was going west on Cherry," Swain said. "And soon as they made that U-turn --I was on the treadmill -- and I heard the gunfire. And I just jumped off and fell, start going down to the floor."

    The only building that appeared to be hit was Nova High School.

    The bullet penetrated a Black Lives Matter sign, although Seattle police Det. Patrick Michaud said the sign and the school don't appear to have been targeted.

    "It doesn't look like the school was targeted in any way," said Michaud. "It looks like the two vehicles were firing back and forth at each other and the building happened to be the back drop."

    Zach Davies' son was one of the students ordered to shelter in place at school.

    "They seem to keep happening in the vicinity of my kids," Davies, a Hillman City resident, said of recent Seattle shootings.

    He said he has written to the city's political leaders asking for help.

    "Until they really make it a priority," Davis said, "I just think that we could keep seeing this on a regular basis."

    Seattle police say they still have a lot of work to do on this case. They don't know if it is related to other shootings but will know soon if a pattern among recent shootings is emerging.

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