Caught on camera: Thieves hit Fremont bike shop for $20,000 worth of merchandise

SEATTLE — Thieves stole $20,000 of worth of electric scooters and bikes from PIM Bicycles & Coffee in Fremont early Monday.

The store’s owner, Justin Hopkins, said he watched surveillance video of the theft after he and his workers realized the items were gone Monday morning.

Surveillance video, embedded below, shows the thieves taking their time during the theft and Hopkins said no alarms went off.

“When you see them dragging the bikes and then just throwing them into vehicles, and then driving off, it’s pretty heartbreaking,” Hopkins told KIRO 7’s Rob Munoz on Tuesday.

Hopkins said his shop is perfectly situated on the Burke Gilman Trail and business has gone well until Monday’s burglary.

The scooters stolen did not have serial numbers, but Hopkins said they are customized and easy to spot.

Hopkins said he has contacted the Seattle Police Department, but he’s hoping someone will recognize the thieves.

“Their actions … I don’t know how they justify it. But it really hurts the community,” Hopkins said.

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