• Cary Moon believes she would bring unique experience to job of mayor of Seattle

    By: Essex Porter


    Seattle faces challenges of prosperity and housing affordability. Urban planner Cary Moon says she is ready to tackle them as mayor

    “We have got to stop the speculation that's part of escalating prices. With a tax on corporate and nonresident ownership, maybe a tax on vacant property, maybe an additional real estate excise tax on luxury property.

    Moon said neighborhoods should accept more housing to keep prices down.

    “Like backyard cottages, like row houses, like duplexes, the kind of gentle growth that neighborhoods can accommodate easily,” Moon said.

    Moon believes the Charleena Lyles police shooting means Seattle must work harder at change.

    “We need to keep up the anti-racist training across the city in every community and every city department including the Police Department because we have got to do better.”

    Asked about homeless encampments, she said “I just want to acknowledge that I think everybody's heart is broken around what's happened in this situation.”

    Moon would stop the sweeps of homeless camps until safer shelters are ready.

    “It's expensive and it's one-on-one and you have to develop trust and build a relationship with folks to help them to come inside. But it is essential to do it.”

    On transportation, “Oh man, this is complicated, too, because as more people live here we have got to get ahead of that growth.

    She believes the city must expand bus service, rail lines, and bike lanes as alternatives to driving.

    “Some people do need to drive. So the more we can invest in transit and alternatives for the folks who don't need to drive. Then we leave space on the streets for people who do have to drive and for deliveries and freight which are essential”


    When it comes to a new sports arena for basketball and hockey, Moon leans toward Key Arena, but wants to see the traffic studies. If it turns out SODO is better, she wants tight limits to keep the stadium entertainment area from encroaching into industrial land.




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