Car windows keep being shot out in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. — It's sadly becoming an all too common sight in Tacoma: car windows shot out by bullets or projectiles.

Tacoma Police say there's been such a "huge" uptick in shots fired calls over the summer, the department dedicated three detectives to help solve the numerous cases.

Neighborhoods in the south and east ends have been affected the most, according to Tacoma Police spokeswoman Loretta Cool.

Tuesday, Lynnette Scheidt became the latest victim of the crime.

"To have no respect for other people and their property just breaks my heart," Scheidt said.

The truck parked in front of Scheidt's home on the east end was shot out. Surveillance cameras captured a red car slowing down, then the window shatters.

The truck belongs to her husband, Larry, who is a community leader in Tacoma. He's currently in hospice care, which is what shattered Scheidt's heart even more.

"My husband is in hospice and I'm just trying to get by," she said in tears.

Detectives are working with the department's gang unit and special emphasis teams who are patrolling and surveilling targeted areas, all hours of the day, according to Cool.

"Arrests have been made and I do also know guns have been recovered as evidence," she explained.

While it appears the calls for service have dropped recently, the department will continue to do special patrols and surveillance.

It's evident some suspects are still out there. Scheidt just hopes they know the damage they're causing.

"I just hope they find it in their heart to stop because it's a lot," she said.