• Campaign 2020: Elizabeth Warren draws thousands to Seattle Center

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - Thousands filled Seattle Center for a chance to hear Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren at her first visit since she announced her bid for president.

    Warren spoke for about an hour, including taking questions from three people chosen by lottery.  And she hit her main progressive themes.  The crowd appeared to like what she delivered.

    "The next president of the United States, Sen. Elizabeth Warren," shouted state Sen. Joe Nguyen, D-West Seattle.

    With that, the energetic 70-year-old senator from Massachusetts bounded onto the stage to tell the story of her humble Oklahoma beginnings and how she's now running for a place in American history.

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    Warren told the thousands there she wants to get to the White House with a progressive message of change.

    She aimed at big business.

    "Giant oil companies that want to drill everywhere," Warren told the crowd. "Just not for the rest of us who see climate change bearing down on us."

    Next, she took on D.C. lobbyists.

    "Block the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington," she said, to loud applause. "Enough."

    And, of course, there was President Donald Trump.

    "We will not lock up people who are seeking asylum," she insisted. " And we will be the America on which this country was founded. Immigration makes us stronger, not weaker."

    A steady stream of people filed into the Seattle Center. Warren's rally was moved when it became clear the crowd would be too big for the WAMU theater.

    Some were still undecided, but others are committed Warren supporters.

    "She's the most capable candidate of the field, in my opinion," said Tarik Burney, of Capitol Hill. "There are a number of candidates I would support, obviously. But she has the most comprehensive plans for climate change to health care to child care."

    "Elizabeth Warren has really, like, given us great examples of what she could do for our country as well as for gun violence," said Naomi Byrdo, of the Central District. "So we're for anyone who can bring change to our country."

    That is a message Warren meant to leave here.

    "Dream big, fight hard, let's win," she shouted, nearly drowned out by cheers

    Warren says the way to beat Trump is with a grassroots campaign.   To that end, she invited all who were willing to stay to line up for selfies.

    She says she has visited 27 states and taken 50,000 selfies and counting.

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