Building owners to rent parking spots near Metro Park and Rides

A new parking project in King County will let building owners rent parking spots near Metro Park and Rides.

Metro thinks the pilot program would create more parking spaces near Park and Rides, most of which fill up fast in the morning.

It would also generate some additional income for property owners around Park and Rides.

For example, the owner of an apartment building would be able to rent unused spaces in its garage and a driver would have a guaranteed, reserved parking spot.

The pilot project is an agreement between Metro and Diamond Parking, which will work out the logistics of how drivers would pay property owners.

A recent survey by Metro found daily Park and Ride users were willing to pay between $44 and $110 a month to avoid desperately trying to find a parking spot at a Park and Ride lot.

Metro is currently looking for property owners to join the program. They need to have 20 or more parking spaces available around the clock or between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The parking has to be within a quarter-mile of a Park and Ride or frequent transit service. There also has to be a safe, lighted pedestrian connection to the transit area.

The thinking is that if more spaces are available, more people will ride transit, which will in theory lead to fewer cars on the road during the morning and evening commutes.

The pilot program is expected to begin early next year.