Brass nameplates missing from Tukwila cemetery

Nancy McDonald-Rogers said she visits Tukwila’s Riverton Crest Cemetery weekly to pay respects to her mother, father, aunt and uncle but noticed Sunday something wasn’t right.
I started placing the flowers and when I looked, I thought where are my aunt and uncle? Their nameplates are gone, said Nancy McDonald-Rogers. “It’s not for cleaning; they’ve never done this before for cleaning.”
McDonald-Rogers said she counted eight other nameplates missing from neighboring niches that she believes had all disappeared since she visited last week.
“It made me angry, upset; went home, cried,” said McDonald-Rogers, who believes the missing nameplates were stolen. “I’m thinking it’s brass, I’m thinking salvage, I’m thinking someone pilfered it.”
KIRO 7 called the number to the cemetery’s office Sunday and briefly spoke with a woman who said she’d pass along our contact information to someone who could answer questions about the missing nameplates. We did not receive a callback Sunday and did not immediately hear back from Tukwila police.
McDonald-Rogers, who said she’s visited the cemetery for years and never previously experienced her family’s brass nameplates being stolen from there, said she also could not reach anyone Sunday at the cemetery’s office.
“It’s just sad that we’re at this state where people are just pilfering from gravesites,” said McDonald-Rogers.