Bothell police searching for thief who stole $10,000 purse

Bothell Police are looking for the person who stole a purse from a woman at a Home Depot. The victim says the purse is worth $10,000.

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Colleen O'Harra says she could never afford a bag that expensive, but received it as a gift more than 30 years ago. She also says she didn't realize how much the purse was worth until after it was stolen.

O’Harra says when she set down the bag for a few minutes at the Home Depot in Bothell, she turned around and it was gone.

Bothell Police recently released images of the man they are looking for and said in a tweet,

The man appears to have a tattoo on his left upper arm and drives a white Ford-150 truck. There may be a white skull sticker in the rear cab window.

The bag is a vintage Louis Vuitton satchel. O’Harra says the purse was a gift that means a great deal to her.

"I know it's just a handbag, but it's also your life. My whole life was in there, everything. You're just naked. So it's a horrible feeling," O'Harra said.

To make matters worse, O'Harra says her car keys, house keys, ID, and all her credit cards, were in the bag and her sense of security is shaken.

"You wonder every day if that person is driving around your house," O'Harra said.

O’Harra says she's changed her house locks, had to get new car keys and is still dealing with the aftermath. She says she's learned her lesson and now keeps her valuables in a separate area, and a sharper eye on her bag.

O'Harra says she doesn’t want to go after the man who stole her purse, but is hoping to get her bag back somehow. Bothell police is asking anyone who recognizes the man in the surveillance video to contact them.