Bothell man says he used drugs before deadly hit-and-run, investigators say

Investigators say a Bothell man admitted he smoked marijuana four and a half hours before he killed a couple in a hit-and-run crash.

New court documents say Alec Gajdos, 27, knew he hit something with his car, but claims he didn’t know what it was.

A memorial is growing on Nellis Road where the couple died. There is a cross with the names of the two people who died.

Gajdos says he looked, but it was too dark to see what he had hit.

Gajdos was taken into custody on Friday afternoon.

He had pulled his battered vehicle into a gas station less than a mile from the scene and into the arms of the Washington State Troopers investigating the deadly accident they say he drove away from.

Snohomish County District Court Judge Anthony Howard told Gajdos, “Probable cause was found on Sunday for two counts of hit and run, fatality.”

According to court documents, Gajdos thought he hit a garbage can on State Route 524. It was about 6:30 a.m., an hour later than initially believed.

He says he looked back, didn’t see anything, and headed to work.

He admitted he had smoked marijuana at about 1 a.m. Friday morning, and said he used meth two days earlier.

Detectives found a meth pipe in his pocket.

Flowers and balloons were left over the weekend for the victims, 39-year-old Sara Fox of Everett 32-year-old Carson Cox.

“She was one of my best friends,” said a woman who declined to identify herself, as she placed a bouquet of flowers at the memorial. “She was a beautiful person.”

Their bodies lay in a ditch, undiscovered for hours. Grieving friends did not know why the couple was walking on this busy highway so early in the morning.

“They were together, I guess, when they died,” said Kristina Henninger. “I just don’t think anybody should be going out like that. Hoping that justice will prevail here and the driver will pay for what he did.”

Gajdos said he works at CS Labs, where he has been assisting with rapid COVID-19 testing.

The judge set bail at a $500,000.