Ballard man stabbed after he confronts man slashing tires

Ballard man stabbed after he confronts man slashing tires

Seattle police are looking for the man responsible for a stabbing in Ballard on Friday night.

They said a man was confronted by another man who was slashing tires in the neighborhood at 44th Street and Leary Way.

The other man then stabbed him.

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People in Ballard are worried about the incident

KIRO 7 saw at least one car with a tire slashed Saturday night. The car is parked outside Electric Traveler Tattoo, and the shop said the man who was stabbed works there

“I started hearing cops and sirens coming on and didn't know where they were coming from. Then I looked outside and it was crazy,” said Jordan Bell, who lives nearby.

The Seattle Fire Department said the man was stabbed, who is about 34-year-olds, was stabbed about 10 p.m. Friday.

“It's pretty shocking,” Bell said.

People at the Substation music venue called 911. The stabbing happened right across the street from the venue.

Bell said he could see the victim was clearly hurt.

“He was definitely laying on the ground,” Bell said.

The incident started around the corner at 44th Street and Leary Way, outside the Electric Traveler Tattoo.

Seattle police said the man saw someone slashing tires and confronted them.

People who were in the area at the time said the man chased the tire slasher around the corner to the 600 block of NW 45th Street, and that’s when the tire slasher stabbed him.

“It was totally crazy,” said Jimmy Rice, another Ballard resident.

“The guy is a good Samaritan,” Rice said of the man who was stabbed.

“It’s scary they'd actually take the point to actually physically stab somebody for somebody trying to stop them [from doing] that,” Bell said.

The victim was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in serious condition.

Seattle police searched the area for a suspect.

“The cops started running off with their dogs and were sniffing all over the place,” Bell said.

Officers did not make any arrests.

The incident has people thinking about how they'd respond upon witnessing a crime.

“I definitely would say something, I'd probably call the cops and let them handle it,” Bell said.

Several reports and some people at the Substation music venue said the victim was chasing two young men, but Seattle police could not confirm that Saturday night and did not have a better description of the man or men.

Police ask you to call with any information.