Baby, babysitter hospitalized after accidental shooting

VIDEO: Woman, infant shot at Olympia house party

An Olympia baby is recovering in the hospital after being shot in the leg.

Alianah Beam's mother, Samantha Allen, sent KIRO 7 pictures of her 1-year-old daughter following surgery Sunday.

“She's been waking up, crying, screaming in pain. It's been really emotional. I feel like a horrible mother,” said Allen.

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The Thurston County Sheriff's Office said the baby was shot inside her own home during a house party Saturday night in the 9000 block of Boulder Lane Southeast in rural Olympia.

Her babysitter, Akyah Lorton, 20, was also hit by the same bullet.

Investigators said six adults were partying, drinking and doing drugs, when a man with a concealed carry permit handed his gun and holster to another person while he showed off his leg tattoo.

Deputies said the gun ended up in Stetson Bird's hands. The 21-year-old took it out of the holster and accidentally pulled the trigger, firing a single round that hit the baby as she sat in Lorton's arms.

"He cocked it back and then when it went forward, it just shot,” said Allen.

The bullet went completely through the infant’s leg, just below her knee, and then continued into Lorton’s pelvic area.

KIRO 7 spoke with Lorton's mother, Kathy Lorton, on the phone. She said her daughter is in serious condition, hooked up to a breathing tube and needs more surgery. She said Lorton is a "very loving, caring, wonderful young woman who would do anything for anyone.”

“I'm mad at her because she, as my best friend, should've protected her more, went upstairs, put her to sleep, but she's still a victim too,” said Allen.

Allen’s roommate, who was at the party, said he's still in shock. He said Alianah is recovering after another surgery Monday.

KIRO 7 stopped by Bird's home in Lacey. He wasn't home, but his family stressed the shooting was an accident.

Bird faces a reckless endangerment charge. He’s scheduled to be in court Tuesday.

The sheriff’s office said no one else at the party will face charges.