6 Starbucks vandalized this week in Seattle, no suspect in custody

VIDEO: Six Starbucks stores vandalized in Seattle

SEATTLE — A police investigation is underway after six Starbucks stores in Seattle were vandalized in the last few days.

KIRO 7 spotted four of the stores that were boarded up Wednesday morning.

PHOTOS: Starbucks stores targeted by vandals

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One of the stores was on Northgate Way. KIRO 7's Patranya Bhoolsuwan talked to customers who said they were sad to see the damage at their regular Starbucks.

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“It’s just a sad thing to see this and this kind of vandalism,” said Maureen McCauley. “It’s just so unnecessary and I don’t know what good it serves at the end of the day.”

The other stores hit by vandals included the drive-thru Starbucks in Ballard on 15th Avenue, the store in Interbay off Elliott Avenue and the Starbucks in Belltown near Olympic Sculpture Park.

Starbucks told KIRO 7 in a statement:

"We are thankful no one was present or injured during these incidents. All of our stores are open again and we look forward to welcoming our customers as usual."

The coffee giant also confirmed they do have surveillance video from at least one neighboring business. No word yet if any of these cases are related.

Customers we talked with said even after what happened, it won't stop them from coming back.

“I am glad nobody got hurt. Just fix a few windows. It's unfortunate but it's the way it is sometimes,” said Jeff Lavezzi.