Artists transform vacant, blighted building in Ballard with murals

Five artists have come together in Seattle to transform a vacant building in the heart of Ballard.

Large scale murals now cover the old Ballard Blossom building on Market Street.

“This building has been vacant for about eight months. It attracted a lot of negativity activity around it because of that,” said Devin Reynolds from Ballard Alliance.

Devin Reynolds with Ballard Alliance says after getting the okay from the property owner, the organization partnered with five artists who donated their time and talents to transform what has been a blighted part of the neighborhood into an incredible work of art.

Local artist Dozfy pitched in. He created a colorful serpent on the side of the building and black and white artwork on the storefront. Because of Ballard’s strong Nordic heritage, he said he chose animals that have specific significance to the culture along with a message of empathy.

“When I saw the whole building, it was like a canvas. And with five artists, it was a collaboration,” Dozfy said.

A collaboration that felt very personal and one that he hopes uplifts and resonates with people during this pandemic.

“That’s the key thing - being part of the community. We are a single person but when you’re together, you’re something bigger. And I think what’s the art here means,” Dozfy explained.

It’s not the first time artists have come together for the neighborhood. Early on in the pandemic, they also brightened up boarded up Ballard businesses.

The Ballard Alliance is hopeful this latest venture will inspire more art in the community.

“I hope this project becomes a catalyst for other building owners and property managers in the Ballard area to see what is possible with their building,” Reynolds said.

If you want to support the artists, click on this link.