Arrest made weeks after man assaulted while confronting protesters outside his Seattle home

SEATTLE — Editors note: The video above was published before police announced an arrest has been made

Detectives with the Seattle Police Department said an arrest has been made weeks after a 47-year-old was assaulted when he confronted protesters outside his Queen Anne home.

Police said they arrested the suspect, a 27-year-old man, in the South Lake Union neighborhood on Wednesday.

The man ran from officers and said he injured himself when he fell to the ground. Police said he was booked into the King County Jail on investigation of assault.

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The victim told police that around midnight July 29, he was kept awake by a protest that was making its way through the neighborhood. He said he went outside his home and asked the crowd to quiet down while recording the confrontation on his phone.

The victim said members of the protest, angry he was recording them, flashed laser pointers in his eyes, and then hit him in the head with an object that police said could have been a flashlight.

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Police said several other protesters gave the victim first aid. According to the victim, while he was receiving first aid a person with the protest deleted the video on his phone.

The victim’s family member drove him to the hospital where he was later interviewed by officers.

Police said multiple witnesses confirmed the victim’s story.