Around the Sound: Seattle Cocktail Week

With hundreds of combinations, different types of alcohol, and spirits… it’s easy to be a little confused, that’s why Amy Faulkner with Gilly Wagon Events started Seattle Cocktail Week, to help others like herself navigate the bar.

“I realized most people are going to a bar at a busy time, they’re not going to ask the bartender, so in order for us to become educated consumers this is a good opportunity for us to try those things,” Faulkner said.

Seattle Cocktail Week kicks off this Sunday, and it’s jam-packed with something to do every day. With over 100 bars and restaurants participating, you’ll be sure to stay busy and learn something new.

“We have everything from dance parties - one of the reps is doing a birthday party - paired dinners, lots of education... we really want this event to be that you find out what a Kentucky hug is and understand spirits better the next time you go to a bar,” Faulkner said.

One of the perks of Seattle Cocktail Week is getting to explore places you may miss out on. Sky View Observatory is on the list of participating bars, and if you have the Seattle Cocktail Week app, you can get in for free!

This week-long event wraps up with the Carnival Of Cocktails on Saturday, April 1st at the Seattle Convention Center.

“All of our brands are there, it’s a huge event, it’s the largest consumer tasting event in the U.S. It’s divided by spirits, there’s a whisky area, a gin area, and so on,” Faulkner said.