Another family claims child injured while at Childtime Daycare in Federal Way

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Update, March 25, 2019

The Federal Way Police Department said it has completed its investigation into Chelsy Cooper's allegations.

Kurt E. Schwan, Commander - Administrative Services with Federal Way PD sent the following statement to KIRO 7.

"On 03/06/19, Chelsy Cooper reported that her 2 year old daughter had her braids pulled from her scalp while at Childtime Daycare, in Federal Way.  Cooper posted a picture of the child’s bare scalp depicting three of her detached braids on Facebook, which caused a social media frenzy.  Cooper told  KIRO 7 News that the daycare and law enforcement were not investigating what happened to her daughter.  That statement was incorrect.  The Federal Way Police Department had opened an investigation and referred it to our Criminal Investigations Section as well as Child Protective Services (CPS).  Cooper also reported that her child disclosed to her that a classmate caused the injury, however she expressed doubt that a child would have enough strength to pull the braids from the child’s scalp.

"Childtime Daycare is equipped with video surveillance for safety and security issues.  The video is maintained on an off-site server to which the employees do not have access.  Federal Way Police detectives conducted a thorough investigation and reviewed hours of surveillance video footage from the day Cooper’s child allegedly sustained her injuries at the daycare.   At the completion of the investigation, it was determined that Cooper’s daughter was not assaulted by any child or adult at the daycare facility.  The surveillance video clearly depicts the child playing with and pulling on her own braids as one of them slowly detaches from her scalp.

"This case has been closed."

Read Chelsy Cooper's response here.

Original story:

A day care in Federal Way is now being investigated by both the state and police after a parent complained her child came home injured and she was not notified.

Since KIRO 7's Patranya Bhoolsuwan first broke this story Thursday, more families whose children attended Childtime Daycare have come forward share to share their ordeals.

Among them is Wanda Kittrell, great grandmother to 4-year-old Keith Taylor. She said the boy came home earlier this week with a big bump on this forehead.

“When I bring my child somewhere, I don’t want them to come back bruised or hurt. I want them to come back the same way I sent them,” said Kittrell.

She said what’s also upsetting is how the staff at Childtime failed to notify the family about the injuries.

“This has to be stopped,” said Kittrell. “If you send a message to one, the rest will get it together.”

On Thursday, KIRO 7 spoke with Chelsy Cooper who filed a report with Federal Way police after she said her 2-year-old daughter’s hair was ripped from her scalp and her lips cut while she was at Childtime.

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Cooper said the staff did not alert her of the injuries until she picked up her daughter at the end of the day.

"I was so mad. How did they let this happen?" said Cooper. "For them to hide it, that hurts the most.
Both Cooper and Kittrell have pulled their children out of Childtime.

Since our initial report, KIRO 7 has confirmed that both Federal Way police and the Department of Children, Youth and Families - which regulates childcare providers in Washington - are now looking into reported complaints at Childtime.

The daycare representatives did not want to respond to our request for comment on camera.

But they did send us an email on Friday, saying they are cooperating with the investigation.

They also said in Chyna’s case, “we have seen nothing to indicate that the child’s hair was pulled or that the child was harmed in any other way by students and staff members.”

They also said they are “disheartened to receive threatening phone calls in conjunction with this matter.”

Childtime said authorities were on site Thursday night to provide support for their team members at the close of business.

We asked the day care about the incident involving Keith Taylor and are still waiting to hear back.