Amazon's big donation in Seattle City Council races sparks protest

People angry about Amazon's $1 million donation to the city council races brought their protest to Amazon's front door Thursday in the shadow of the Amazon spheres.

They're upset with Amazon's donation to the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce's political action committee that's trying the flip the council.

"We believe that it is critical for our hometown to have a council that delivers results for all of its residents on issues that matter, like homelessness, transportation, climate change and public safety," Amazon said in a statement to KIRO 7.

The leader of the protest was an Amazon contract cargo handler in Kent.

"You will not buy our city council and you will not sabotage our efforts to make Seattle a city that works for all working people," Matt Smith said.

The prime target for defeat is Socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

"The billionaires want to keep this city a corporate tax haven, while the rest of us pay disproportionate taxes," she said.

Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez isn't on the ballot this year, but is writing legislation to limit donations to corporate PAC's.

Since labor unions have donated more than $2 million to council races, we asked: Why not limit them too?

"It's also thousands of people who are part of a rank and file of unions unlike the situation with a corporation where it can literally be 6-8 people really fueling the contribution the contributions to these super PAC", she said.

"Voters aren't fooled by stunts like today's demonstration. ... The candidates participating today made it clear that if elected, they'll just bring more of the same," CASE said in a statement.

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