A battle over sanctuary status and 'Seattle values' brings bitterness to Burien

Local and regional leaders came together in Burien on Monday to denounce what they call a racist flyer. The flyer came in a letter from an anti-sanctuary city group called Respect Washington. The letter came with a map claiming to name and pinpoint the locations of dangerous undocumented criminals.

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The city of 51,000 has been bitterly divided over whether Burien should be a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.
“I have not seen or felt this kind of hate in Burien before. It pains me,” said Burien City Council member Nancy Tosta.
King County Executive Dow Constantine spoke at the press conference and said he went to preschool in Burien.
“This is not the Burien I know. These are Trump values, not Burien values and I don't think that the people who rejected Donald Trump and his hateful agenda by more than 75 percent here in Burien are going to tolerate this.”
A man who would identify himself only as “John” heckled the speakers.
But it didn’t stop Hugo Garcia of Represent Burien: “To the elected officials, we need your help. As you can see behind me, like this is real stuff like, this is happening and it's spreading.”
Both City Council candidate Darla Green and incumbent council member Debi Wagner support the initiative to overturn Burien’s sanctuary city ordinance.
“Our group of candidates stand against racism and hate in our community. We want no part of it. We had nothing to do with that mailer,” Wagner said.
Green says this goes beyond sanctuary status.
“It's about a slate of candidates that want to assume Seattle's policies in Burien - safe injection sites, homeless shelters, low barrier shelters, a ban on plastic bags for example.”