911 calls paint a picture of calm in chaos of downtown shooting

For the first time, we hear how 911 dispatchers dealt with the chaos and so many cries for help in last month's shooting in downtown Seattle that left one dead and others injured.

SEATTLE — 911 recordings and dispatcher communication released to KIRO-7 reveals the chaos of the January 22nd downtown shooting, and the dispatchers‘ clear-headed professionalism getting help to the scene.

As one caller describes “automatic weapon“ fire while describing a shooter, dispatchers were heard trying to figure out how many victims were down, how many shooters there were, and if they were still firing.

“Can we confirm there’s six people down?” Asked one dispatcher, while another tried to confirm the scene had been secured for paramedics to move in. “Can we confirm there’s six people down?” asked a King County dispatcher, while navigating reports from several scattered scenes.

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“I don’t see where they’ve apprehended the suspect yet,“ said one Seattle Fire dispatcher.

“I need to confirm with you guys that SPD has secured this,“ she said.

Seattle police were among the first responders who applied turn a kits and other first aid to the eight victims scattered at 3rd and Pine. Of the eight who were shot, a 50-year-old woman was killed, and one woman who was injured is still being treated. Five others, including one of the accused shooters and a 9-year-old boy, were released from Harborview Medical a Center.