UPDATED: 8 things to know about storm systems heading to Northwest

The Puget Sound is bracing for a system that's expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds Saturday.

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Here are eight things to know now as we approach the worst of what's expected.

1. We're in between waves of low pressure

What that means is, we had one wave push through last night producing inland wind around 35-45 mph across the sound and 50+ in the north interior and the coast. The second wave will increase the wind and rain again later this morning.  In the mean time we have some very stormy weather at the coast and much of that heavy rain will move across the area during the morning commute. Thunderstorms are possible, so be prepared.

2. Downgraded winds

The High Wind Warnings for the sound have been downgraded to Wind Advisory levels. Wind today will be around 20-30 mph with gusts of around 40 or slightly higher. Expect wind speeds to peak late this morning and into the early afternoon. The major system is still expected for tomorrow.

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3. Expect a stormy Sunday

Saturday will start calm with increasing rain and wind for the afternoon but especially for the evening. Gusts in Seattle tomorrow night and across the sound could easily be in the 50-60 range, potentially 65+ mph.  The coast will see 60-70 mph gusts at least.

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4. Tornado warning canceled

Around 4:25am there WAS a tornado warning for Pacific County but it was CANCELED around 5am. The locations impacted were Long Beach, Ilwaco, Naselle, Hammond Town, Oceanside, Seaview, and Chinook. Again, the tornado warning was canceled.

5. Lightning spotted

Around 5:45 a.m. our crews spotted lightning just west of Montesano while heading out to the coast.

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6. Thunderstorms occurring

Thunderstorms happened in Olympia Friday morning..

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Posted by KIRO 7 News on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

7. Trees down

As we’ve been warning, high wind has the potential to knock down trees. A tree was knocked down on Capitol Hill at 19th and Mercer St. No cars were damaged, no power lines were effected. While street parking for work this morning, be wary of spots underneath trees.

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8. It will improve for Seahawks Sunday

By Sunday, we'll be seeing improvement though it will still be breezy and showery for the Hawks game.